Residents of Fort Worth are learning the hard way that installing a home security system is not the last step in protecting your home. Unfortunately, the system carries responsibility attached to it that many are not aware of before the system is in place. The homeowner has to apply for a permit at the City Planning Department. The fee is not high, only $50 per year, but with a permit, homeowner gets a list of responsibilities and fees for the false alarms.

The following false alarm service fee structure is in effect:
1-3 false alarm calls in 12 months No charge
4-5 false alarm calls in 12 months $50 each call
6-7 false alarm calls in 12 months $75 each call
8 or more false alarm calls in 12 months $100 per call

The actual permit and more about the fee structure is found at:

What are some common-sense steps to keep yourself out of trouble with the City even after you have your permit?

Make sure your system is properly maintained and the batteries are replaced regularly.
If you give your code to someone, teach him or her about the system as you will be responsible if he or she triggers the alarm by mistake.
Make sure that your alarm company has your phone numbers correctly logged into their system. Usually, if an alarm is triggered, the alarm company will call you to verify whether the alarm is real.
Stay in touch with your home security company. Feel free to ask any questions you have about your system. Not knowing how it works is not an excuse when the police come for the tenth time and you have to explain that it was a mistake – again.

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